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There should be a PropertyHolder class

public class PropertyHolder {

String udiBaseURL;

public String getUdiBaseURL() {
return udiBaseURL;

public void setUdiBaseURL(String udiBaseURL) {
this.udiBaseURL = udiBaseURL;


And in file,

//entries for all properties


Then, In applicationContext.xml make an entry for the class and property file like below:

<bean id=”propertyConfigurer”>
<property name=”location” value=”/WEB-INF/” />

<!– Local Data Holder –>
<bean id=”propertyHolder”>
<property name=”udiBaseURL” value=”${udi.viewer.url.base}” />

thats it!!!


One possible solution is

“Application servers >=server1 > Web container > Custom Properties”

create the following custome property with its value set to true



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